SMS Training: Nurol Air Teams Up with us

In our ongoing commitment to aviation safety excellence, we recently had the honor of conducting a comprehensive “Safety Management System (SMS) Training” for Nurol Air, held in the vibrant city of Ankara. This training was tailored to reinforce the safety management system and elevate the standards of operational safety.

The interactive sessions were designed not only to meet regulatory requirements but also to instill a proactive safety culture that resonates with the core values of Nurol Air. Our team of experts facilitated a dynamic learning environment, ensuring that every participant could engage with the material and apply the concepts to real-world scenarios.

We are proud to collaborate with Nurol Air, a company that prioritizes safety as the cornerstone of its operations. The training encompassed various aspects of the Safety Management System (SMS), including risk management, safety assurance, and safety promotion. We believe that the knowledge and skills shared during this training will further bolster Nurol Air’s commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards in their daily operations.

As we close this chapter of training with Nurol Air, we look forward to seeing the positive impacts of our session unfold. We remain dedicated to supporting our partners in their pursuit of safety excellence and are eager to continue providing training solutions that meet the evolving needs of the aviation industry.

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