Flight Time Limitations (FTL) Training for Business Jet Operators

We are proud to announce the successful completion of our Flight Time Limitations (FTL) Training for Business Jet Operators, which took place recently in Istanbul. This specialized training program was meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of business jet operations, emphasizing the regulations for flight, duty and rest time limitations of air crew members.

Professionals across various esteemed organizations, including TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industry), Servisair and ATP Air brought with them a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives, enriching the learning environment. The training was led by Dr. Tevfik Uyar and Kübra Karacan, who are renowned for their expertise in FTL regulations. Instructors’ comprehensive approach covered all aspects of FTL, providing the trainees with in-depth knowledge and practical insights. The sessions were interactive, fostering an engaging atmosphere where participants could openly discuss and query various facets of FTL regulations and their application in the realm of business jet operations.

This FTL training is a testament to our commitment to enhancing aviation safety standards. By equipping professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage flight time effectively, we are contributing to safer skies and more efficient operations in the business aviation sector. We extend our gratitude to all the participants for their active involvement and to Dr. Tevfik Uyar and Kübra Karacan for their exceptional guidance. As we look forward to organizing more such training sessions, we remain dedicated to upholding and advancing safety standards in aviation.

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