Special Airport Training for Pilots

Category B-C special airports, each known for their unique operational challenges, including geographical, weather-related, and infrastructural considerations: Ajaccio (LFKJ), Annecy (LFLP), Chambery (LFBL), Genoa (LIMJ), Innsbruck (LOWI), Samedan (LSZS), Sion (LSGS), Lugano (LSZA)

Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) for Air Traffic Services

At AviaCourse, we specialize in providing comprehensive online training for Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS), tailored specifically for Air Traffic Services (ATS). Our mission is to equip ATS professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to implement and maintain an effective FRMS, ensuring the highest standards of safety and operational excellence.

Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) for Flight Operations

At AviaCourse, we’re dedicated to advancing airline safety with targeted Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) training designed for the unique demands of the aviation industry. Our specialized online courses are crafted to empower airline professionals with the critical knowledge and practical skills needed to implement and uphold an effective FRMS.

Safety Management System (SMS) – ICAO 9859

We champion the advancement of global aviation safety standards through our comprehensive online Safety Management Systems (SMS) training. Our curriculum is meticulously aligned with ICAO’s Doc 9859 guidelines, ensuring that aviation professionals like you can develop, implement, and enhance SMS to meet and exceed international standards.